Trousers Measurements Guide

 Trousers Measurement Guide

You Need

1. A Fabric Tape Measure 

2. Ten to fifteen minutes.

It Would Help If

3. You had assistance from a friend when measuring (although the majority of the measurements can easily be self-taken, we have found the process to be faster if you have someone readily available to assist you. 

4. You wore a good fitting dress-shirt and slacks. If you do not have these items, any form- fitting clothing will suffice (to include a t-shirt and boxers). No jeans and empty your pockets! 


About Measuring

• When taking measurements the tape should be held flat against the body; it should

be held snug enough so not droop, but never so tight as to feel restrictive.

• All measurements should be taken to the nearest quarter (.25) inch.

• Do not add wiggle room to your measurements. We will adjust the fit based off of

your selected preferences and build. All measurements are “skin measurements”.


How to Submit this Information

• Enter it directly into our website after you make your account

• Email this info to

• Send us a message and submit your information over the phone.


Contact Us

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How to Take Your Measurements 

1. Trouser Waist

• Measure around your waist at the level where you would normally wear your pants (right above were your belt would be).
With the tape measure snug around your waist, relax, and take the measurement.
Don’t be alarmed if this measurement seems larger than expected; off-the-rack pants are normally labeled as being smaller than what they really are.
 • Check this measurement.
Trouser Waist is ________._______ inches.

 2. Hips/Seat

• Measure around the fullest part of your hips and buttocks.

• My Hips/Seat is ________._______ inches.

3. Trouser's  Outseam or Length

• Measure from the top of your pant’s waistband to the floor along the outside of your leg.

• Make sure the tape is tight, that you are standing straight, and then measure. No shoes please!

• Double check this measurement.

• Trouser’s Outseam is ______._____ inches. 

 4. Thigh

• Measure around your thigh at its widest point.

• Y ou need measure only one side.

• My Thigh is ______._______inches.


 5. Knee

• Measure around your knee at its widest point.

• You need only measure one side.

• My Knee is ______._______inches.


 6. Crotch

• Measure from the front top of the pant's waistband to the back top of the pant's waistband.

• Crotch Measurement is ______._______ inches.

7. Trousers cuffs

• Measure width around the cuff.

• Trousers cuffs Measurement is ______._______ inches. 

You'll receive in your e-mail a copy of this document and a Measures Trousers Form when you make a purchase.

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